April 29, 2022

Interview with: Discovia Artist Unders

Time to read: 7 minutes Today we introduce you to Unders, a sound alchemist of magical frequencies, in service for decades as a passionate ambassador of the global dance community. His biggest mission in the music industry: to promote raw talents and to create a container that inspires the artists’
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April 25, 2022

Interview with: Discovia Instrumental Collective Jungle by night

Time to read: 3 minutes Today we introduce you to Jungle by night, a nine-headed instrumental collective that has been heating up dancefloors with their cross-cutting music at over 600 festivals and stages in 34 countries. Describe what you do in your own words? What is unique about the way
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April 15, 2022

Interview with: Filmmaker & Journalist Ayelet Vardi

Time to read: 9 minutes Today we introduce you to Ayelet Vardi, a New York & São Paulo based filmmaker & journalist and the founder of Cinema Tribu, a boutique production company built around her humanistic and stylized approach to storytelling. Ayelet’s work is guided by her passion for global
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