iDiscover Core #99

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

1-6 October

Experience the magic of the Core Programme in the breathtaking Moroccan Atlas Mountains

For Core #99 we’re bringing the Core Programme to Morocco for our most special Core Residential Experience ever. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and leadership development amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

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Footage from our Core Residential Programme in Ibiza

A Look into our Core Residential Programme Morocco


Kasbah Bab Ourika, Atlas Mountains, Morocco


1-6 October


Tuition time
55+ hours


Personal attention
1 Instructor/coach per 4 participants at most


Week-long intense program +3 weeks of weekly engagement for integration


Personal Intention
Each participant has a personal desired outcome that is relevant to them


Group size
Intimate group sizes, around 12 participants

Tuesday Noon - Sunday Afternoon


  • Apply
  • Confirm your acceptance
  • Preparation
    Prep exercises and 1-1 call. Getting to know you to ensure you get the most out of the program.
  • Day 1: Intentions
    Defining a personal desired outcome for the programme that is inspiring to you.
  • Day 2: Foundations
    Understanding and mapping your values and building foundational mental resilience.
  • Day 3: Gratitude
    Integrating the past self that is holding you back and accelerating your growth and development.
  • Day 4: Purpose
    Integrating the future self and mapping your internal world to the point it can be clearly articulate.
  • Day 5: Resolution
    Individualised assignments and sessions to ensure the completion of your desired outcome.
  • Day 6: Adventure
    Memorable surprise activity.
  • Momentum:
    3 weeks follow-up calls and integration.


For Core #99 we chose our most inspiring location yet. Nestled atop a hill overlooking the picturesque Ourika Valley, Kasbah Bab Ourika provides the perfect sanctuary for introspection and growth. With 360 degree panoramic views, Kasbah bab Oureka receives warm sunlight all day ending in spectacular sunsets.

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What has to be one of the best vegetable patches in Morocco provides high-quality ingredients for a smart, unfussy menu. Breakfast is a delicious parade of homemade bread, jams, mountain honey and Berber pancakes, and there’s a chef at a hot station who’ll prepare omelettes and eggs on request.

Lunch is a real highlight and features clever takes on local fare. The set menu for dinner changes daily and features simple Medi-Moroccan dishes. Flavourful and simply presented, it’s just what you want to eat after a day of hard work in the mountains.

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  • Jordan Rubin Avatar
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    This program changed my life, period. I came into this with a fairly straightforward mission and intention - I achieved... read more

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    - Very well run/organized
    - I loved the consistent focus on the desired outcome
    - I liked the intensity
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Available Packages

Prices start from £5950. See below

During our first night we can experience the charm of Marrakesh. We’ll continue or Journey to Bab Ourika, accessible only by 4x4 vehicles, the following day.  Enjoy continuity in your accommodation room setup type from Marrakesh to Bab Ourika. Each room at Bab Ourika is unique, offering a personalized experience that may differ from the images provided.

Package includes:


Full Board


Transport from Marrakech to The Atlas Mountains


A Unique Excursion


Single -
Single Occupancy

Full Price: £8,650
*Early Bird: £8,250
**Super Early Bird: £7,850


Double -
Shared with one person

Full Price: £7,150
*Early Bird: £6,850
**Super Early Bird: £6,450


Shared -
Share with 2 more people

Full Price: £6,850
*Early Bird: £6,350
**Super Early Bird: £5,950

Early bird offers:

These prices do not apply to seat transfers and upgrades

*Early bird
until the end of June or the end of seats allocated for this price

**Super Early Bird until May 20th or or the end of seats allocated for this price

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