We enable individuals, teams and organisations to optimize their human potential.

Cutting Edge Human Development

iDiscover Core, London

13-16 July 2023 - Waitlist
5-8 October 2023 - Open

Cutting Edge Human Development

iDiscover Core Experience, Tulum

6-12 December 2024

Cutting Edge Human Development
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iDiscover 360 is a school of thought for human development and life design in the modern era. It is a centre for the study and research of the self, human nature and the human condition. It explores meaning, purpose and identity in a practical manner.

Our boutique approach for teaching emotional intelligence and life design is practical, grounded and results oriented.
Our intelligent way of developing self-awareness and personal growth enables us to empower, enhance and bring clarity to the following areas:

Grow my business

Career Fulfilment & Peak Performance

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Your career takes up a large part of your time and we believe being fulfilled in this area is paramount. We help individuals and teams understand how to generate fulfilment and increase performance and productivity in this aspect of life and identify suitable greenhouses and ways of working, which enable improved performance and growth.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Fulfilling Relationships

Fulfilling Relationships & Partnerships

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Both professionally and personally, so much time and energy is consumed by disputes, conflicts and disagreements. We help individuals raise their self-awareness and understanding of human behaviour, providing access to create lasting, fulfilling relationships.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Mental Reslilience

Mental Resilience & Adaptability

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The human experience is paved with adversities of all kinds: failure, death, disease, bankruptcy, redundancy, divorce… How we fare in the face of challenges can vary tremendously. We help individuals and teams develop their mental resilience to enable them to cope well with change, adversity and challenge.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Career Fulfilment

Professional/Career Direction

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Whether choosing what to study at university, re-orienting your career in your mid-thirties, or changing your focus as you approach retirement, professional reinvention is one of the greatest challenges individuals face. We help individuals understand and put into practice core principles of successful reinvention.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Effective Communication

Effective Communication
& Intercultural Competence

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Communication is both a science and an art form, and both personally and professionally, being an effective communicator is an essential skill in the 21st century. In a globalised world, we interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds and developing an understanding of different cultures is vital. We help individuals and teams raise their awareness and skills around effective communication and develop practical solutions.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Leadership Development

Leadership Development

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We are all leaders, only we are all destined to lead in different things - we believe leadership can be generated, and more importantly, self-leadership can be mastered. We help individuals and teams develop their skills and understanding of effective leadership, and how to put these into practice on a day to day basis.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Time Management

Time/Resource Management

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In a society where we are constantly stimulated, interrupted and distracted, we can often feel starved for time. We help individuals truly understand their priorities, remove distractions and effectively take back control of their time.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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Different perspectives, values and ways of thinking are inevitable at every level (individuals, nations, cultures), however, conflicts can distract and consume us. We help individuals and teams raise their awareness and, through intelligent mutual understanding, transcend these conflicts into constructive situations and opportunities.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Crisis Management

Crisis Management

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No matter what life you design and lead, you will face crises along your journey - stress is inevitable, and complex situations will occur. We help individuals and teams navigate crises and stressful situations and give them the skills and resilience to deal with these situations with clarity and competence.

Our curriculum is a journey of self discovery, life design and self mastery. We teach the theory and practice of building emotional intelligence, mental resilience, self awareness and leadership for the 21st century.

It is likely that most of what you currently learn at school will be irrelevant by the time you are 40…My best advice is to focus on personal resilience and emotional intelligence.

Yuval Noah Harari

Reviews from some of our attendees

  • Marvin Amberg Avatar
    Marvin Amberg

    I first attended iDiscover back in the spring of 2015. At the time, I had accumulated many questions and doubts... read more

    Bruna Schwerz Avatar
    Bruna Schwerz
    positive review 

    I am glad I found out about this course which basically transformed my life journey from now on. The structures... read more

  • Emile Nahat Avatar
    Emile Nahat
    positive review 

    What an enriching experience. This is the place to be for anyone looking to discover themselves and be aware. I... read more

    Yifat Fouchs Avatar
    Yifat Fouchs

    Gal is a true mentor , a visionary and a great teacher. I highly recommend joining Idiscover course to challenge... read more

  • Cristina Sosa Avatar
    Cristina Sosa

    Best transformative workshop I’ve ever done! After iDiscover my life changed completely. I finally began to manifest my dreams without... read more

    Layla Nemazee Avatar
    Layla Nemazee
    positive review 

    I did Core I in London this October and could not have imagined achieving the amount that I have --... read more

  • Nick Griffith Avatar
    Nick Griffith
    positive review 

    The most important 4-Days of my life.
    The Core Programme gave me the gift of self-awareness and the infinite power...
    read more

    Sarah Coursey Avatar
    Sarah Coursey

    I did iDiscover last year and the positive changes in my life have been sequential and consistent. Gal helped me... read more

  • Alex Mandel-Dallal Avatar
    Alex Mandel-Dallal

    I have nothing but great things to say about Gal and his team. I've done iDiscover three times now, each... read more

    Nicola Imrie Avatar
    Nicola Imrie
    positive review 

    iDiscover will blow your mind and socks off. It will burst your heart open and bring you into a new... read more

  • Valentino Barrioseta Avatar
    Valentino Barrioseta

    Like a smoothie of inspiration, clarity and purpose! Gal and his team create the perfect environment and mix of practical... read more

    Aurélie Depraz Avatar
    Aurélie Depraz
    positive review 

    Even after 3 Cores, the experience is astounding. The iDiscover programmes are life-changing, and as you walk out of them... read more

  • Katya Berman Avatar
    Katya Berman

    iDiscover? What is iDiscover? I don't even know where to start from!
    read more

    Alicia Navarro Avatar
    Alicia Navarro
    positive review 

    I've been to a few personal development courses in my time, but I really enjoyed how practical, actionable, sensible, yet... read more

  • Rebecca Faith Wield Avatar
    Rebecca Faith Wield

    When I think of Idiscover, I think of Gal, whose passion is simply contagious. Gal made it his mission to... read more

    Pierre Cornet Avatar
    Pierre Cornet
    positive review 

    Amazing experience. I was very inspired by the theory, thought leadership, exercises and framework and tools provided during the entire... read more

  • Netta Kerzner Avatar
    Netta Kerzner

    Fascinating experience of deep dive into my true essence!

    Elena Corchero Avatar
    Elena Corchero

    iDiscover is a deep personal growth journey within, it is exactly that, personal and profound. You will find parts of... read more

  • Kais Laouiti Avatar
    Kais Laouiti

    Great experience, provided me with the right framework to connect the dots and allowed me to focus on what's most... read more

    ClaudIa Cristina Avatar
    ClaudIa Cristina

    Are you lost with your career? Do you have issues with your spouse? Are you concerned because you can't keep... read more

  • Hila Peled Avatar
    Hila Peled
    positive review 

    Words won't capture what a life-changing experience iDiscover is.
    As a professional, I feel that I have made a massive...
    read more

    Michael Klug Avatar
    Michael Klug

    Unique workshop that allow to find your true self using pragmatic technics surrounded by amazing people
    Thank you Gal !

  • Helen Gazzi Avatar
    Helen Gazzi

    iDiscover 360 is hands down the best life development course in existence today. The holistic approach enables you to take... read more

    Charlotte Barton Avatar
    Charlotte Barton
    positive review 

    Signing up and attending IDiscover Core was a great decision and investment. Whilst I recently completed the course in August... read more

  • Szabolcs Baranyi Avatar
    Szabolcs Baranyi
    positive review 

    Words can't do the program's content and its leaders justice. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are at... read more

    Marjolaine Grondin Avatar
    Marjolaine Grondin
    positive review 

    I attended iDiscover twice already, and intent to pursue the journey. I was inspired by their program and felt like... read more

  • Jade Gandey Avatar
    Jade Gandey

    iDiscover has undoubtably been the most influential learning in my life. The methodologies taught at iDiscover arm you to tackle... read more

    Moritz Meenen Avatar
    Moritz Meenen
    positive review 

    I just finished iDiscover Core I and it's been an incredible experience: a personal growth rocket flight that got... read more

  • Marta Caballero Avatar
    Marta Caballero

    Idiscover is the teaching of a model with the power to transform what you make of your life if you... read more

    Nadia Mokaddem Avatar
    Nadia Mokaddem
    positive review 

    I attended IDiscover last fall without knowing what to expect but I have to say there was definitely a before... read more

  • Tracey Shirtcliff Avatar
    Tracey Shirtcliff

    I did idiscover because so many people I admired told me how great it was. How much I'd get... read more

    Ruben Lenten Avatar
    Ruben Lenten

    What a game changer. Absolutely life enhancing and enriching. The course that Gal created is the best gift you can... read more

  • Christina Bertram Avatar
    Christina Bertram
    positive review 

    I met some incredibly compassionate and intelligent people during 4 intense days of discussing the big life questions. It's a... read more

    Silvia Sarsano Avatar
    Silvia Sarsano

    A mindblowing experience that I would recommend anyone. It gives you the right tools to work on any situation in... read more

  • Dana McKeon Avatar
    Dana McKeon

    I found iDiscover to be an incredibly inspiring and enriching experience. It has challenged me to rethink my perspective on... read more

    Luke Nolan Avatar
    Luke Nolan
    positive review 

    iDiscover was exactly as it was initially described to me: THE MOST IMPACTFUL LEARNING EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. Ben,... read more

  • Michal Alter Avatar
    Michal Alter

    Excellent experience. Gal's personal attention and care for our success throught the program was mind blowing, he's truly gifted at... read more

    Ben Depraz-Brenninkmeijer Avatar
    Ben Depraz-Brenninkmeijer

    IDISCOVER is the most advanced and transformative personal and professional development program I came across.
    I have explored various models...
    read more

  • Sivan Baram Avatar
    Sivan Baram
    positive review 

    A life changing experience.

    Massa Bitar Avatar
    Massa Bitar
    positive review 

    Despite all the reading and learning I did in my life, this course was an eye opener. For the first... read more

  • Angelica Vidarte Avatar
    Angelica Vidarte

    Many of us live our lives without getting to understand why we are the way we are and how we... read more

    Simon Hs Avatar
    Simon Hs
    positive review 

    A very well put together course.

    Delivering an incredibly empowered way of looking at the world, & powerful tools for change,...
    read more

  • Mihai Catalin Ghiorghies Avatar
    Mihai Catalin Ghiorghies

    I had an amazing weekend during the iDiscover course. It is a great journey into self-discovery and it bring about... read more

    Nathan Pamart Avatar
    Nathan Pamart
    positive review 

    Very positive and memorable experience. I got out of it a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to lead... read more

  • Dolly May Avatar
    Dolly May

    iDiscover has given me a deep and transformative tool for investigating myself and understanding others. The benefits are felt in... read more

    Carrie Schmidt Avatar
    Carrie Schmidt

    iDiscover helped me understand and navigate tough times and helped me to become more self-aware, realize my potential, set goals... read more

  • Bruce Reynolds Avatar
    Bruce Reynolds

    iDISCOVER is Outstanding! One of, if not the best personal development programmes I've ever done. It empowered me, shifted my... read more

    Hannah Wright Avatar
    Hannah Wright
    positive review 

    It’s quite difficult to articulate what I got from iDiscover... In short, so much. I felt I rediscovered my purpose... read more

  • Vibha Doula Donne Avatar
    Vibha Doula Donne
    positive review 

    28 March at 15:19 ·
    This course, experience, adventure is for everyone who would like clarity, freedom and inspiration to...
    read more

    Nikhil Shah Avatar
    Nikhil Shah
    positive review 

    An MBA in understanding human nature and the human condition, jam packed into 4 days. iDiscover works on many levels... read more

  • Tanja Ustinova Avatar
    Tanja Ustinova
    positive review 

    Great experience and results that I never expected to get in such a short time!
    It was a very inspiring,...
    read more

    Ehab Gébey El Akel Avatar
    Ehab Gébey El Akel
    positive review 

    Une expérience incroyable qui me marquera à jamais. Les coachs sont extraordinaires. Toujours à l'écoute et bienveillants, ils permettent d'apporter... read more

  • Andrea Sparke Craig Avatar
    Andrea Sparke Craig
    positive review 

    This for me, has been the single most important course that I have ever been on. I came into it... read more

    Pete Middleton Avatar
    Pete Middleton
    positive review 

    idiscover has given me so much clarity! - and therefore an overwhelming amount of intentional activity to undertake in my... read more

  • Yasmine Alimam Ajam Avatar
    Yasmine Alimam Ajam

    Idiscover course is a life changing experience!
    It gave me a secret tool to understand others behavior and realize the...
    read more

    Nikki Lenten Avatar
    Nikki Lenten

    Idiscover is a MIND BLOWING 4 day course. It gave me a deep understanding of human behaviour. It also helps... read more

  • Narkis Alon Avatar
    Narkis Alon

    Gal stiglitz has an incredible skill of seeing people as they are and facilitating their way to the next level... read more

    Mounir R. Baalbaki Avatar
    Mounir R. Baalbaki
    positive review 

    I joined the iDiscover team in Tulum last November, and the experience has proven truly transformative.

    The program draws upon...
    read more

  • Ayelet Vardi Avatar
    Ayelet Vardi

    Great workshop for those who always looking to evolve. IDiscover provides great tools that helps navigate professional and personal situations... read more

    Tom Hunt Avatar
    Tom Hunt
    positive review 

    - Very well run/organized
    - I loved the consistent focus on the desired outcome
    - I liked the intensity
    read more

  • Jessica Flore Angel Avatar
    Jessica Flore Angel
    positive review 

    I got a new pair of glasses to see the world. A new proposal to describe the world, others and... read more

    Matar Stiglitz Avatar
    Matar Stiglitz
    positive review 

    For me the program fulfilled all my expectations. The main thing I feel now is that I am embracing things... read more

  • Alexander James Swaab Avatar
    Alexander James Swaab

    I took part in the iDiscover program in February and have been thinking about the spectacular outcomes and results every... read more

    Emma Dawkins Avatar
    Emma Dawkins
    positive review 

    I've never put so much work into developing myself as this course demanded but boy, have the returns been worth... read more

  • Daniel Benedini Avatar
    Daniel Benedini
    positive review 

    If you are looking to invest in yourself, I couldn't recommend IDiscover more. It is deep interpersonal work that... read more

    Julia Onyschenko Avatar
    Julia Onyschenko
    positive review 

    Can be the key to bringing life to a way next level

  • Nicole Yershon Avatar
    Nicole Yershon

    this was life changing for me - it allowed me to put a particular part of my life into perspective... read more

    Vincent Daranyi Avatar
    Vincent Daranyi

    Life changing. Gal has developed an outstanding curriculum that in as little as four days takes you through an incredible... read more

  • Lona Alia Avatar
    Lona Alia

    I did the course in NY in March and something in m changed. It's hard to explain since it... read more

    Charlotte Terrien Avatar
    Charlotte Terrien

    iDiscover is incredibly well thought out. I very much enjoyed the balance between theory (of humankind) and practice (theory applied... read more

  • Kate Victoria Gladysz Avatar
    Kate Victoria Gladysz

    A truly life changing experience. This is what school should be teaching us early on to make our adult life... read more

    Anna Gudie Avatar
    Anna Gudie

    This is what everyone should learn about life, about human nature and about our individual drivers. Worth every moment and... read more

  • Nick Prowse Avatar
    Nick Prowse

    I participated in iDiscover in June 2016, and it has affected me ever since. It truly is a movement that... read more

    Ilona Depraz-Brenninkmeijer Avatar
    Ilona Depraz-Brenninkmeijer

    I first attended iDiscover in June 2015 and I was so impressed with the quality, thoroughness and consistency of Gal's... read more

  • Mindie Kaplan Avatar
    Mindie Kaplan

    Emotional intelligence meets emotional openness & exploration is how I would define my iDiscover experience. I absolutely loved the... read more

    Marina Oswald Avatar
    Marina Oswald
    positive review 

    This programme is a life altering experience, I feel inspired to use the tools I have been given and my... read more

  • Shannon Shiang Avatar
    Shannon Shiang

    IDiscover is an excellent way to get out of my own way and realize what my priorities in life, business... read more

    Kristina Naru Avatar
    Kristina Naru
    positive review 

    I recently did the iDiscover 360 self-development course. It was an incredible turning point of self-realisation, an eye-opening reflection on... read more

  • Gemma Young Avatar
    Gemma Young

    Amazingly profound experience with iDiscover - I actually feel like I've been living in the matrix and now I'm free :)

    Bayan Abuzinadah Avatar
    Bayan Abuzinadah
    positive review 

    Fulfilling, inspiring and motivating. Very structured program, put me on track in terms of where I am and what I'm... read more

  • Anita Baranyi Avatar
    Anita Baranyi
    positive review 

    An exceptionally well put together programme. Flexible and really tailored to each individual even though it's delivered to a group.... read more

    Oron Dov Avatar
    Oron Dov
    positive review 

    It was an amazing program, life changing. I would definitely recommend to others. The group was amazing, interesting, colorful, and... read more

  • Amanda Terry Avatar
    Amanda Terry

    Great class taught by a very passionate instructor. If you are looking to understand your and other motivations better... read more

    Leila Ben Brahim Avatar
    Leila Ben Brahim

    I had a great time during my iDiscover session even if it was sometimes difficult to share what was deep... read more

  • unders Avatar
    positive review 

    I feel highly motivated for the new me. My friends who pointed me towards Idiscover, certainly spoke the truth. It... read more

    Patricia Puente Avatar
    Patricia Puente
    positive review 

    The programme has given me the clarity and inspiration I was lacking to feel confident to kickstart a new career... read more

  • Tom Williamson Avatar
    Tom Williamson

    iDiscover had a truly life-changing impact on me, and I don't use that phrase often. I came in with... read more

    Alicia Bastos Avatar
    Alicia Bastos

    IDISCOVER is a an excellent way to give yourself a stopover on your own life, to reflect, analise, evaluate and... read more

iDiscover Core:

iDiscover Core is a cutting edge, E.Q. personal and professional development programme with its own unique set of methodologies. It is an opportunity to redefine your direction with purpose and re-ignite it with inspiration and enthusiasm. It offers you a chance to reconnect with yourself at the core level and connect deeper with the people in your life. You will reassess your priorities and have access to new levels of fulfilment. We teach the most important life skills of the 21st century - the art and science of reinventing yourself and leadership.

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