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    "iDiscover has undoubtedly been the most influential learning in my life. The methodologies taught at iDiscover arm you to tackle life from the driving seat, with control and understanding. Taking the time to truly know your values and strengths allows you to define your clear purpose, which in turn leads to greater professional and personal satisfaction. Invaluable learning from Gal and his team, highly recommended!"

    Jade Tara Gooding
    - Founder of parenting hub No Mum Is An Island


    "Words can't do justice to this. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are at or what relationship, career or mental resilience issues you face (and we all do!) – engaging with iDiscover will empower you to embrace those issues openly and raise your awareness and human potential."

    Szabi Baranyi
    - Impact & emerging markets investor


    "This is what everyone should learn about life, about human nature and about our individual drivers. Worth every moment and penny! I'm incredibly grateful I came across iDiscover360 and look forward to staying in touch with the amazing community of enlightened alumni!"

    Anna Gudmundson
    - Chief Executive Officer at BioSelf Technology Ltd

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    About idiscover 360

    Discover 360 is a school of thought for human development and life design in the modern era. It is a centre for the study and research of the self, human nature and the human condition. It explores meaning, purpose and identity in a practical manner.

    Our approach to teaching emotional intelligence and life design is practical, grounded and results oriented.


    Gal Stiglitz, creator of iDiscover 360, is an educator, social entrepreneur and cultural thinker.