Our group coaching framework

Experience the synergy of collective growth.

Join Circles, our seven-month group coaching programme dedicated to optimizing your personal and professional journey.

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iDiscover Circles propel accelerated self-awareness by fostering a dynamic environment for introspection and personal exploration.

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Consistent focus
on goals

The format ensures a consistent focus on goals, guiding members through a structured journey that keeps their objectives at the forefront of their collective experience.

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Iron Strong

The group format creates a robust support system where each member is held to their commitments, amplifying the potential for transformative growth.

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New Friendships
and Trustworthy relationships
for life

Beyond coaching, Circles cultivate not just friendships but trustworthy relationships for life, as members bond over shared experiences and mutual support, creating a lasting network of support and understanding.

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Low frequency,
high intensity

With a low-frequency, high-intensity approach, Circles optimize the balance between meaningful engagement and allowing members the time and space for personal reflection and application of insights gained during the program.


What can I expect?

Circles is iDiscovers group coaching programme. Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of consistency, accountability, and profound exploration, led by an experienced iDiscover Coach.

Every month, Circle members converge for a purposeful and co-created experience, propelling them towards the realization of their individual intentions and aspirations for the year. These personal objectives, crafted at the onset of the Circle, resonate with each member's unique values, essence, and purpose.

Whether conducted virtually or in person, the monthly meetings span 4 hours. This consistency delivers, over 7 months, compounded results for each and every member of the Circle who committed to it.

Each meeting is structured and follows a clear path to authenticity, awareness, connection and action. Unique iDiscover exercises, group sharing, vulnerable discussions, and intelligent monthly reviews ensure the intention of the group: to be a catalyst for the life development of its members.

A look into our circle programme

New Circle start date: TBA

  • Group coaching
  • 7 meetings (6 online one in London)
  • 4 hour meetings
  • max. 8 people

What people say


My circle members have become dear friends to me, the level of intimacy between us is unique and we constantly strive for upgrading our group dynamic and life experiences.

Marina Chernyshova -
Investment Banking Business Transformation Manager


Being held accountable to a group has meant that I am more likely to reach my milestones and move forward with my major focus of the year - I have made a lot more progress with this than I would have done on my own. Within the group - l love to hear other people’s point of views, tips and hints as it expands the mind to different ways of thinking or approaches.

Katie Smith -
Costume Designer

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