Our group coaching framework

About Circles

Circles is a group coaching framework that optimises your development over 12 months. It is a fusion of consistency - monthly Circle meetings, and intensity - Core Level II or III. The Circle, and iDiscover Leader that facilitates your Circle will provide you with both challenge and support to help you raise your awareness, progress significantly towards your goals and develop yourself. The people in your Circle will become your 2nd family and friends for life. Circles are a commitment to yourself and your other Circle members.

Who is this for

This is for our iDiscover Alumni who are looking to take their lives to the next level and continue their development in a structured and committed way - Alumni who are looking to develop deep bonds with other members of the iDiscover Community.


Structure of Circles

The Circle consists of:

  • Participants setting major personal and professional focuses for the year
  • Monthly Circle Meetings of 4 hours in a central London location 
  • Core Level II or III during these 12 months
  • 30min monthly call with buddy or subgroup in between Circle Meetings
  • 1-4 hours monthly personal/group assignments

Circle Meetings include:

  • Facilitation by an iDiscover Leader
  • Group sharing and focus on personal case studies
  • Group discussion
  • iDiscover Exercises
  • Past and Future Monthly Reviews

Commitment of taking part in a Circle:

  • Each participant cannot miss more than 3 monthly Circle Meetings over the 12 months
  • Only 1 monthly Circle Meeting can be missed when you let the Circle know more than 2 months in advance (dates clash)
  • Only 2 monthly Circle Meeting can be missed when you let the Circle know less than 2 months in advance (emergency cancellation)

We all have a very diverse background, all are sharp and have the same mission - to develop and grow. The biggest contribution is the accountability tracker and I have developed new tools into my self-development toolbox. It makes me practice deep listening each month, and allows the space to be heard, and I am offered a fresh take on something I’ve been thinking about and working on. It’s quite unique.

Marina - Investment Banking Business Transformation Manager


Being held accountable to a group has meant that I am more likely to reach my milestones and move forward with my major focus of the year - I have made a lot more progress with this than I would have done on my own. Within the group - l love to hear other people’s point of views, tips and hints as it expands the mind to different ways of thinking or approaches.

Katie Smith - Coach and Costume Designer

Joining a Circle

Our next Circle will open in February 2021 - Apply below to register your interest to join our next Circle

Only 8-10 people will be chosen to join each Circle, the remaining applicants will be required to wait for the next Circle to open.