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iDiscover Core – Our flagship programme

iDiscover Core is an opportunity to redefine your direction with purpose and re-ignite inspiration and enthusiasm. It offers you a chance to reconnect with yourself at the core level and connect deeper with the people in your life.

You will reassess your priorities and have access to new levels of fulfilment. We teach the most important life skills for the 21st century - the art and science of reinventing yourself and your leadership.


A results-oriented approach

Through a highly personalised and cutting-edge process, iDiscover Core promises and delivers a tangible resolution on an area of your life that you choose to develop, overcome or break through.

Every participant goes through a unique and personal journey of self-discovery. Whichever challenge a participant chooses to develop or resolve will fall into one of the following areas:

Grow my business

Career direction, development and peak performance

  • Reconnect with and/or clarify your career direction, professional identity or niche that fulfils and inspires you.
  • Overcome internal conflicts and mental obstacles that are slowing or stopping you from moving to the next level.
  • Develop a strategy and plan to accelerate progress in your chosen career direction.
  • Substantially improve your professional performance.
41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Fulfilling Relationships

Relationships and effective communication

  • Discover how to switch from consuming to fulfilling personal and professional relationships.
  • Find out how to identify and move beyond what’s stopping you.
  • Understand both the art and science of effective communication.
  • Learn how to deal powerfully and effectively with disagreements, disputes, competition, criticism and conflicts.
41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Mental Reslilience

Mental resilience, adaptability and leadership development

  • Learn how to implement advanced behavioural change tools
  • Become assertive and effective when dealing with adversities, changes, losses and disappointments.
  • Clear emotional baggage, stress or anxiety that distracts you from being present.
  • Increase your performance, self-esteem, self-value and confidence in vital decision making.

Programme structure

iDiscover Core contains 50+ hours of tuition, and is delivered to groups of up to 12 people in three different ways - City, Residential and Experience.

For Residential and Experience, the content is interspersed with events and group activities, and hosted in beautiful, private locations.

Core City – 4 days

  • Hosted in private spaces in major cities worldwide
  • Some meals included
  • Accomodation not offered

Core Residential - 5 days
(Wed – Mon)

  • Hosted in private resorts worldwide
  • All inclusive (meals and accommodation)
  • Activities

Core Experience - 7 days
(Mon – Sun)

  • Hosted in private resorts worldwide
  • All inclusive (meals and accommodation)
  • Excursions and activities
  • Well-being sessions

What makes iDiscover Core a powerful experience with long lasting effects?

  1. Carefully designed fusion of theory & practice
    Experience of both practice and content (50%-50%) and providing strong support in the practice to enhance personal growth
  2. Excellent post care
    An exceptional post care programme with direct leader support
  3. Tangible, personalised long lasting impact
    Instant impact, personal tailoring and long lasting effects
  4. Open communication
    Direct, open and personal contact with leaders throughout the programme
  5. Equipping you with tools
    Guided experience, but very active work on yourself and self‑awareness through personal engagement. Guidance on how to use the tools going forward
  6. Surrounded by high-quality people
    The programme attracts ambitious, interesting individuals with highly inquisitive minds ensuring a high level of conversation
  7. Rooted in philosophy
    Based on a solid foundation of Western and Eastern philosophy that has been tried and tested for years
  8. Community
    Access to a global, active community of inspiring, ambitious high-achievers with stimulated opportunities for collaborations

I've been to a few personal development courses in my time, but I really enjoyed how practical, actionable, sensible, yet moving and beautiful iDiscover was for me. It helped me with some quite powerful insights about myself, and gave me strength to pursue some opportunities I'd been pondering upon. I also met some wonderful people, and was also blown away by how helpful, dedicated, and insightful the entire iDiscover team are. Absolutely worth the personal investment.

Alicia Navarro

Upcoming Events


London - City

27-30 January 2022 - Waiting List
24-27 February 2022 - Open
7-10 July 2022 - Open


Burgundy - Residential

28 September - 3 October 2022 - Open



Antalya - Residential

30th Mar - 4th Apr 2022 - Open


Tulum - Experience

Dates 2022 TBA