iDiscover Core Dubai

5 day programme

22 - 26 January 2025

Join us in Dubai for iDiscover Core, our flagship development programme. This will be 5 days of learning, connecting and relaxing with a great selection of activities, a group of awesome people to hang out with and fantastic food and accommodation to create a unique learning experience.

About iDiscover Core

iDiscover Core is an opportunity to redefine your direction with purpose and re-ignite inspiration and enthusiasm. It offers you a chance to reconnect with yourself at the core level and connect deeper with the people in your life.

You will reassess your priorities and have access to new levels of fulfilment. We teach the most important life skills for the 21st century - the art and science of reinventing yourself and your leadership.

For comprehensive information about our core program, please click here. To schedule a discovery call and learn more, email us at [email protected].

Through a highly personalized and cutting-edge process, iDiscover Core empowers you to overcome challenges, develop skills, and break through barriers in the following key areas:

Grow my business

Career Fulfilment & Peak Performance

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Your career takes up a large part of your time and we believe being fulfilled in this area is paramount. We help individuals and teams understand how to generate fulfilment and increase performance and productivity in this aspect of life and identify suitable greenhouses and ways of working, which enable improved performance and growth.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Fulfilling Relationships

Fulfilling Relationships & Partnerships

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Both professionally and personally, so much time and energy is consumed by disputes, conflicts and disagreements. We help individuals raise their self-awareness and understanding of human behaviour, providing access to create lasting, fulfilling relationships.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Mental Reslilience

Mental Resilience & Adaptability

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The human experience is paved with adversities of all kinds: failure, death, disease, bankruptcy, redundancy, divorce… How we fare in the face of challenges can vary tremendously. We help individuals and teams develop their mental resilience to enable them to cope well with change, adversity and challenge.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Career Fulfilment

Professional/Career Direction

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Whether choosing what to study at university, re-orienting your career in your mid-thirties, or changing your focus as you approach retirement, professional reinvention is one of the greatest challenges individuals face. We help individuals understand and put into practice core principles of successful reinvention.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Effective Communication

Effective Communication
& Intercultural Competence

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Communication is both a science and an art form, and both personally and professionally, being an effective communicator is an essential skill in the 21st century. In a globalised world, we interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds and developing an understanding of different cultures is vital. We help individuals and teams raise their awareness and skills around effective communication and develop practical solutions.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Leadership Development

Leadership Development

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We are all leaders, only we are all destined to lead in different things - we believe leadership can be generated, and more importantly, self-leadership can be mastered. We help individuals and teams develop their skills and understanding of effective leadership, and how to put these into practice on a day to day basis.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Time Management

Time/Resource Management

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In a society where we are constantly stimulated, interrupted and distracted, we can often feel starved for time. We help individuals truly understand their priorities, remove distractions and effectively take back control of their time.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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Different perspectives, values and ways of thinking are inevitable at every level (individuals, nations, cultures), however, conflicts can distract and consume us. We help individuals and teams raise their awareness and, through intelligent mutual understanding, transcend these conflicts into constructive situations and opportunities.

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Crisis Management

Leadership Development

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No matter what life you design and lead, you will face crises along your journey - stress is inevitable, and complex situations will occur. We help individuals and teams navigate crises and stressful situations and give them the skills and resilience to deal with these situations with clarity and competence.



We will be staying at the Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. To find out more about the resort, please visit their website



The hotel offers multiple restaurants and bars. Meals will be served in restaurant Levantera. Inspired by the Levantine cuisine, Levantera offers an interactive Mediterranean and international buffet with a highlight on fresh and local produce.



The course is centred around iDiscover Core - our flagship programme. To fully optimise the length of the course and given the amount of detailed content you will be introduced to, we know the programme is most effectively taught away from day-to-day distractions, where participants can really focus and get the most from the material. There will also be breaks and other activities to keep you fresh, engaged and inspired. These will include:

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Discussions


41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Unique Excursions-15


Resolve a key relationship

Gratitude Session

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Personal Consultations

Personal consultations

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_V1_Luxury Facilities

Luxury resort facilities 24/7

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_V1_Purpose Session

Purpose Session

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Movement Sessions

Movement sessions

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_V1_Meditations

Special Meditations

41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_V1_Values Session

Values Session

Programme Structure

The programme runs from 22-26 January 2025. For those opting for the residential package, your accommodation is covered from the 21st January to 25th January. Checkout will be on the 26th of January. To make the most of this transformative experience, please ensure you arrive in Dubai at a reasonable time on the 21st of January to get ample rest before the programme begins.

22nd January 2025
Foundations day

23rd January 2025
Gratitude day

24th January 2025
Purpose Day

25th January 2025
Resolutions Day

26th January 2025
Momentum / Adventure


Fulfilling, inspiring and motivating. Very structured program, put me on track in terms of where I am and what I'm going to do next. Thank you for putting up the extra work and pushing the boundaries to help us reach our goals.

Bayan Abuzinadah

Unabashed, practical, logical perspectives to jolt and spur on personal growth and development, and emotional intelligence around a wide range of areas pertinent to contemporary life. Wholehearted recommendation to do this course.

Hugh Abdullah

Available packages

We offer 3 packages for this 5 day programme so you can be sure to get an experience well-tailored to your desire.


Private Room

  • Full board: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Access to Gym, pools and spa facilities
  • Personal consultancy time with iDiscover leader
  • 5 days content + tuition
  • Preparation and Momentum sessions
  • Personal iDiscover workbook
  • Bonus closing session and celebration
  • 5 nights - Checkin 21st of January

Standard Pricing: £7850
*Early Bird: £7150
*Super Early Bird: £6250


Shared Room:

  • Full board: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Access to Gym, pools and spa facilities
  • Personal consultancy time with iDiscover leader
  • 5 days content + tuition
  • Preparation and Momentum sessions
  • Personal iDiscover workbook
  • Bonus closing session and celebration
  • 5 nights - Checkin 21st of January

Standard Pricing: £7350
*Early Bird: £6650
*Super Early Bird: £5850



  • Buffet style lunch and Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Personal consultancy time with iDiscover leader
  • 5 days content + tuition
  • Preparation and Momentum sessions
  • Personal iDiscover workbook
  • Bonus closing session and celebration

Standard Pricing: £6550
*Early Bird: £5950
*Super Early Bird: £5250

*Super Early Bird till the end of May or running out of seats allocated for this price

*Early bird until the end of August or running out of seats allocated for this price

*Shared rooms are strictly limited to twin occupancy.

*Participants can rest assured that the accommodation prices are highly competitive in the region, guaranteeing the comfort, convenience, and rejuvenation essential for the Core programme.

*Please be aware that the rooms depicted in the pictures may differ from the actual rooms available.

Please note: Early Bird prices cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or offer.


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