Our Coaches

Our Coaches use the iDiscover Coaching framework for understanding human behaviour combined with other modalities to help you on matters of performance, self-awareness, and achieving optimal results consistently.

Our unique methodologies focus on balancing and empowering your perceptions which we believe are the root for all change.

The way we see it, coaching is a unique experience in co-creation that changes your relationship with yourself, with others, and with life.

Portrait of Ben Depraz-Brenninkmeijer

Benjamin Depraz-Brenninkmeijer

Portrait of Doug Sexton

Douglas Sexton

Portrait of Leila Denison-Pender

Leila Denison-Pender

Portrait of Szabi Baranyi

Szabi Baranyi

Portrait of Carrie Busuttil

Carrie Busuttil

Portrait of Nikki Lenten

Nikki Lenten

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