Private Coaching

Why Coaching

Coaching comes from the world of sports and performing arts. It is a bespoke approach to personal and professional development that is tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals faster and in a more authentic way.

Coaching is to your business, your mindset, your behaviour and your relationships, what Personal Training is to your body. It can help you optimise your level of fulfilment and performance in all of these areas. It is future-oriented and focused around results.

Our coaches offer you both challenge and support as both of these forces are necessary for growth. Our unique methodologies focus on balancing and empowering your perceptions which we believe are the root of all change. The way we see it, coaching is a unique experience in co-creation that changes your relationship with yourself, with others and with life.

Who is this for

Coaching benefits anyone, but it takes commitment and an active choice to invest in your own growth. This is for you if...

  • You are inspired to improve and be the best version of yourself consistently
  • You choose to face your fears and take bold action in the direction of your dreams
  • You understand and honour the power of the commitment and integrity
  • You are willing to be vulnerable, and examine and sit with the uncomfortable
  • You want to or are ready to deeply serve others in your personal and professional life

How Does It Work

Every Coaching experience is different and customised to meet your individuality. The agenda and structure of the Coaching experience is dependent on what you bring to it and what you wish to develop and progress on. Themes which are frequently covered in our sessions with clients include:

  • Long-Term Personal and Professional Vision
  • Building Caring Relationships
  • Mental Resilience
  • Dissolving Mental Blocks
  • Prioritisation and Decision-Making
  • Delegation and Leadership
  • Stress Management, Anxiety and Depression
  • Raising Self-Esteem
  • Growth Mindset and Management
  • Perfect Partnerships
  • Effective Communication

At iDiscover 360 use a unique framework about understanding human behaviour to help you raise your self-awareness in every single coaching session. This framework is taught extensively on our 4-day intensive and transformative programme iDiscover Core which you are invited to take part in over the course of your Coaching experience. This cutting-edge programme in human development and life design complements the bi-weekly coaching sessions with your coach.

This combination of both immersion and consistency provides the highest value in terms of creating and sustaining deep change.


I gained a lot of confidence. Coaching allowed me to structure a personal development process to be in a growth mode, and enter a new leadership dimension that was completely intangible a year ago.

Adrien Fernandez Baca, Founder & CEO of Cubyn

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