Why Would I Want Coaching?

Coaching is a bespoke approach to personal and professional development that is tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals faster and in a more authentic way. It originated in the world of sports and performing arts, where coaches helped athletes and performers grow, build their self-awareness, improve their level of skill and achieve optimal results consistently.

Coaching is to your mindset, your behaviour, your business and your personal relationships what personal training is to your body. It helps you prosper and perform in all of these areas. It is future-oriented and focused around results, both in terms of achievement and fulfilment.

Both challenge and support are necessary for growth, and this is what we give you. Our unique methodologies focus on balancing and empowering your perceptions which we believe are the root of all change. The way we see it, coaching is a unique experience in co-creation that changes your relationship with yourself, with others and with life.

Is This For Me?

It takes a growth mindset and a high level of commitment to experience real transformation and outstanding results. Wherever you are in your life, this is for you if:

  • You are committed to improve and increase your personal impact consistently
  • You understand and honour the power of commitment and integrity
  • You are willing to be vulnerable and radically honest, because you understand growth is not comfortable
  • You want to and are ready to deeply serve and make a difference to others

How Does It Work?

Every coaching engagement is different. The agenda and structure of the coaching programme is dependent on and customised entirely to your unique set of values, objectives and challenges. Themes our clients have experienced major results in include:

Long-term Vision

Projection, planning, clarity
and alignment

Prioritisation and Decision-Making

Time management and leadership


Benefits and barriers

Team Dynamics

Effective reviews, resources, clarity, hiring, firing

Perfect Partnerships

Expectations and agreements (people and organisations)

Building Caring Relationships

Appreciation and empowering closures

Effective Communication

Professional and personal

Mental Resilience

Practical development and application

Growth Mindset

Challenge and Support dynamic (nurturing and fostering growth for yourself and team members)

Practical Emotional Intelligence

Overcoming judgement and resentment, self-management

Stress Management, Anxiety and Depression

Overcoming these in the context of iDiscover principles

Dissolving Shame / Guilt / Regret / Blame / Pride

Free up mental capacity

At iDiscover 360, we use a unique framework about understanding human behaviour to help you raise your self-awareness in every single coaching session. This framework is taught extensively on our 4-day intensive and transformative programme iDiscover Core which you are invited to take part in over the course of your Coaching experience, at a uniquely reduced fee. 

The combination of both deep immersion and solid consistency provides the highest value in terms of creating and sustaining deep change. This is why our cutting-edge programme in human development and life design is the ideal complement to your regular coaching sessions with your coach.


My coach accompanied me through some of the biggest moments in my life - getting married, starting a new business, building that business with a business partner, and the beginning of my own personal journey to financial freedom. Through my coaching sessions I have been able to navigate these major milestones in a centred and grounded way. My coach has shown me the tools to fully own my life!

Lindsay Jernigan, Co-Founder at Emblem


I gained a lot of confidence. Coaching allowed me to structure a personal development process to be in a growth mode, and enter a new leadership dimension that was completely intangible a year ago.

Adrien Fernandez Baca, Founder & CEO at Cubyn


I learned how to speak up for myself. I’m also being more true to myself and what I want, rather than following a trajectory that other people want for me. Although I didn’t always come to the sessions energised or motivated, I always left inspired and empowered to make a change.

Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of Culture & Collaboration at MURAL

What Will My Investment Be?

Committing to a specific period of time is the most effective way to establish clear personal objectives, and measure against them at the end of the coaching programme. Results are everything. Many clients choose to engage in multiple coaching programmes when they see what this support can do for them.

Our coaching programmes last 3, 7 or 12 months. Our coaches engage with you twice a month for 90 minutes at a time. We are also available for you in between sessions for virtual support and spot coaching, providing you with the highest level of commitment possible.

Beyond investing money, you will be required to invest your time, your attention and your energy into this coaching programme. These are the ingredients for extraordinary change.

Our fees (excl. VAT) are as follows:

Coaching Programmes

Certified Coach Senior Coach
3 months coaching £2,750 £3,500
7 months coaching £5,500 £7,000
12 months coaching £8,750 £11,250

Combo Packages

Certified Coach Senior Coach
3 months coaching + core programme £4,600 £5,200
7 months coaching + core programme  £7,250 £8,500
12 months coaching + core programme  £10,300 £12,500

NB: VAT applicable on top for UK-based clients

Can I Experience What This Is Like?

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iDiscover 360

iDiscover 360 uses a unique set of methodologies to deliver cutting-edge personal and professional development programmes.

We specialise in enabling individuals and teams optimise their human potential through interactive workshops and coaching. We teach the theory and practice of building emotional intelligence, mental resilience, self awareness and leadership for the 21st century.