The Fulfilment Navigator

A 2hr Online Course with lifetime access for you to complete and revisit in your own time.

Learn powerful, effective tools to help you optimise your personal & professional fulfilment.

Ask Yourself:

When was the last time you felt fulfilled? And how long did it actually last?

What does it even mean to be fulfilled?

Is it possible to live a life of constant fulfilment? And if it is, what does this life actually look like?

What's the difference between fulfilment, happiness and contentment?

• Have you ever wondered about these questions and how much of an effect your fulfilment has on your quality of life?

About the course:

At iDiscover 360 we believe that it is absolutely available and attainable for any human being to design and live a life where they generate an ongoing and sustainable state of fulfilment.

The Fulfilment Navigator is a simple tool with a set of principles that will help you to align your external life with your internal world, and as a consequence generate more fulfilment. It is a blend of theory and practice, with quality questions, designed by Gal Stiglitz - Founder, CEO and Chief of Philosophy at iDiscover 360.

This framework is a personalised, step-by-step 2-hour experience that will save you precious time and energy, and provide you with clarity on how to achieve more fulfilment, starting today!

The 3-step process will enable you to:

  1. Understand the real meaning of fulfilment
  2. Map your current status of fulfilment
  3. Become clear on what you can do next to reach more fulfilment

Whatever your current state of fulfilment is right now, this introspective tool will enable you to go to the next level.

Join us now to kickstart your own journey with The Fulfilment Navigator.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use Powerful, Effective Tools to Navigate your Personal and Professional Life towards more Fulfilment
  • A blend of Theory and Practice, with Quality Questions designed to tangibly Raise your Self-awareness in 2hrs
  • Understand the Nature of Fulfilment and how it can be Increased
  • Discover the 7 Levels of Engagement with our Actions
  • Map the Current Status of your Fulfilment
  • Uncover ways to Delegate Effectively and Create Meaningful Alignment in your Life