Core London

25-28 March 2021

We run our programmes in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations.

iDiscover Core is an opportunity to redefine your direction with purpose and re-ignite inspiration and enthusiasm.

It offers you a chance to reconnect with yourself at the core level and connect deeper with the people in your life. You will reassess your priorities and have access to new levels of fulfilment. We teach the most important life skills for the 21st century - the art and science of reinventing yourself and your leadership.

If you are serious about identifying and realising your full personal and professional potential, we invite you to join us to re-discover yourself and the World from a fresh and intelligent perspective.


Programme Structure:

iDiscover Core is a cutting-edge personal development programme with its own unique set of methodologies developed by the founder of iDiscover 360, Gal Stiglitz.

  • 52 hours of in-person tuition over 4 days.
  • 4 weeks of weekly engagement to ensure that the momentum gained is implemented in the life of each participant.
  • Up to 12 people per group to optimize personal attention and results.
  • Roughly 1 programme leader per 4 participants.

Day 1 - Foundations / Terminology / Value Mapping:
Values / Making Sense of Human Behaviour

Day 2 - Enhance Emotional Intelligence and Performance:
Past Self / Gratitude

Day 3 - Redefining Career and Purpose / Resolutions:
Future Self / Purpose

Day 4 - Resolution and Momentum:
Building Momentum / Vision


"iDiscover has transformed my life. It transformed my relationship with the events that happen in my life and how I see them which has had a huge impact on my ability to cope with situations I used to find stressful. It has taken the fear out of bringing on major challenges which has enabled me to create a more fulfilling life. I would say this has been one of the best experiences of my whole life so far, total game changer."

Pete Gooding - Artist Manager / Artist Development

"Signing up and attending IDiscover Core was a great decision and investment. Whilst I recently completed the course in August 19, the coaching has already helped me to optimise both my personal and professional life.

For me, this was a ‘game changer’ and I highly recommend this course."

Charlotte Barton

"A truly life changing experience. This is what school should be teaching us early on to make our adult life easier. Clear and intellectually rigorous methodology that will appeal even to the most sceptical minds and will put any unresolved life issues into perspective. Possibly the best first step to achieving life fulfilment.

For me, this was a ‘game changer’ and I highly recommend this course."

Kate Victoria Gladysz

"I have just completed iDiscover's Core I Programme; it was intensive, thought-provoking, intelligent and gave me real, personalised, actionable results in an area of my life that has been stagnant for as long as I can remember. The team created a safe, warm space for each individual to self-reflect and grow. Thank you for four unforgettable days!"

Felicity Hearn

"A truly unique experience which was hugely helpful in helping me move on from a painful period in my life. The teaching material is extremely well thought out and the small group makes it a very interactive and warm experience. I would highly recommend attending if you need a fresh start from an emotional perspective or professionally some very helpful leadership and emotional intelligence insights."

Mark Dempsey

"If you are looking to invest in yourself, I couldn't recommend IDiscover more. It is deep interpersonal work that can be enlightening, challenging and liberating all at the same time. I was able to go deeper in my self exploration and growth and came out with a new set of tools as to how to implement all the knowledge I acquired over the course."

Daniel Benedini

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Where and when:

15-19 Bloomsbury Way

8am Thursday - 8pm Sunday


Upcoming dates: 25-28 March 2021