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22 November 2023

Teaching a workshop to students

Workshop content

This workshop is designed to raise your self-awareness and understanding of others, teach a deep understanding of human behaviour, build self-confidence and elevate your communication skills. With high levels of personal attention and maximum 12 people in a group, there is a before and an after.

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Raised your self-awareness and become clear on what your Values and main drivers are
  • Understood a whole new paradigm of human behaviour
  • Understood how to identify the motivations and inspirations of the people in your personal life and workplace
  • Learnt empowering models on building lasting relationships
  • Developed an EQ toolkit of practical methodologies to take home with you
  • Deepened your knowledge around how to communicate effectively with everyone in your life

How learning how to apply your EQ will benefit you:


Benefits to your personal life

  • Greater self-confidence and awareness of your emotional and behavioural patterns
  • Higher quality relationships with those close to you
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Enhanced communication skills

Benefits to your professional life

  • More focus, direction and drive
  • Increased ability to prevent or resolve conflicts
  • Better team dynamics
  • Improved management of others
  • Appreciating client and customer relationships

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and others, elevate their way of being and improve their relationships, - from individuals wishing to enhance their personal lives, to team leaders and team players working in fast moving environments.


  • 10 hours of content working with multiple leaders qualified in our cutting edge methodologies
  • High levels of personal attention
  • Small group dynamic - a maximum 12 people in the workshop

Why Applying Your EQ?

  • Our level of self-awareness and understanding of others is fundamental to how we experience life on a day to day basis, both personally and professionally. From the decisions we make about how we live, to who we are at work and in our relationships - our emotional intelligence impacts all aspects of our existence.
  • More people than ever struggle to cope with the pressures of modern living and to build fulfilling, lasting relationships, and many of us suffer from stress and anxiety - how we feel about ourselves and the quality of our close relationships is crucial to our well-being.
  • In the workplace, it has been shown that emotional intelligence, or ability to understand others is responsible for 58% of our job performance and that 90% of top performers have high EQ.
  • We know what EQ is, but we often struggle with how to apply it in challenging situations and use it with impact in our lives.

What People Say

"Normally, "soft skills" can be hard to measure, but each individual who took part could continue to use the tools taught going forward in a practical way. We all felt we had a much deeper understanding of ourselves, each other and human nature by the end of the day"

Manager - Vine Resources

"We are now of the opinion that developing self awareness and emotional intelligence is crucial to a well functioning workplace. When people really understand the drivers and motivations of themselves and each other, it means that everything runs so much more smoothly. As a team we now operate in much more effective way, it is noticeable. It was also a real bonding experience for our team and it has shifted the way in which we related to each other for the better."

 CEO-Alva Capital

"A brilliant model for viewing human behaviour and interactions combined with practical tools that can be used to upgrade your relationships! Super useful in reframing conflict or just improving what already works for you"

Talent & Performance Coach

"Absolutely insightful and beneficial to elevate relationships and understanding others."

Post-Graduate Research Student in Quantitative Finance

Photo of Gal Stiglitz

About the speaker

Gal Stiglitz is a cultural thinker, educator, and social-educational entrepreneur. He is a thought leader and experienced teacher in the fields of human development, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and leadership development. In a quest of bringing more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to modern living, Gal founded iDiscover 360, introducing a philosophical-psychological universal model with practical utilisation that has helped hundreds of individuals pave their path to more personal and professional fulfillment. Gal will be leading this programme.

Where and when:

15-19 Bloomsbury Way

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