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This workshop develops anti-fragility and mental resilience, elevates your ability to deal with change powerfully and enables you to turn challenge into opportunity on a real time basis. With high levels of personal attention and maximum 12 people in a group, there is a before and an after.

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Developed your mental resilience and ability to deal with personal and professional challenges
  • Developed your mental agility and ability to alter your perspective on a real time basis
  • Learnt a practical framework to improve and elevate your AQ continually
  • Learnt methodologies to reduce overwhelm and stress in fast changing environments
  • Developed appreciation for the challenges in life and how these enable us to develop and grow

How developing your AQ will benefit you:


Benefits to your personal life

  • Ability to overcome personal challenges more quickly
  • Reduced volatility in the face of challenge and change
  • Relief from previous negative events
  • Deeper understanding of your relationship with your actions

Benefits to your professional life

  • Ability to transcend challenging situations with greater focus
  • Ability to cope powerfully and effectively with change, stress and pressure
  • Ability to make bolder leadership decisions
  • Increased appetite for taking on stretch challenges

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone looking to develop their adaptability and mental resilience - from team leaders and team players working in fast paced environments, to individuals wishing to upgrade their personal lives.


  • 8 hours of content working with multiple leaders qualified in our cutting edge methodologies
  • High levels of personal attention
  • Small group dynamic - a maximum of 12 people in the workshop

Why AQ?

  • AQ stands for adaptability quotient - the ability to deal with adversity, or in other words our mental resilience and ability to deal with change
  • According to the Harvard Business Review, we live in an era of risk and instability more than ever before, and we have to adapt quickly to new pressures and circumstances, therefore, the only certainty is that change is constant and rapid
  • An individual’s ability to cope with change, adversity and challenge is fundamental to their performance in work and well-being across life
  • Unless we develop our mental resilience, life can become overwhelming and we can suffer from higher levels of stress and anxiety
  • Higher levels of AQ means individuals have greater levels of agility to reach targets in their role, which directly contribute to the growth of the company
  • How to develop our AQ is not something we are taught at any point during our formal education, but it can be learnt
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What People Say

"iDiscover's workshop had a lasting and tangible positive impact on our people and our company. The structured nature and intelligent processes mean that we received a huge amount of value in one day, but most importantly as management and within teams, we continue to use and refer back to the methodologies on a regular basis." 

Manager - Vine Resources

"I was worried the course would be filled with science, studies and graphs however, it was so simple and logical. It allows you to face fears and recognise that adversity is essential to fulfillment. It helps remove a level of anxiety and fear that can sometimes become our default state."

Executive Assistant to CTO, Global Media Company

"A worthwhile time and space to spend on a topic that will not only enhance personal, but also professional perspectives and overall well being"

Former VP at The Blackstone Group

"Very insightful and attention-grabbing.....provided me with tools I will definitely use going forward."

Partner, Executive Search & Advisory Firm

"A great one day immersive programme to help you lift any blocks to challenges you're facing."


"An incredibly insightful and powerful day - successfully tackling 'nightmares' and anxieties that I have literally had for years in a few hours! I was a little apprehensive as to how a session like this would work virtually, but felt very connected to the leaders and other participants."


Photo of Gal Stiglitz

About the speaker

Gal Stiglitz is a cultural thinker, educator, and social-educational entrepreneur. He is a thought leader and experienced teacher in the fields of human development, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and leadership development. In a quest of bringing more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to modern living, Gal founded iDiscover 360, introducing a philosophical-psychological universal model with practical utilisation that has helped hundreds of individuals pave their path to more personal and professional fulfillment. Gal will be leading this programme.

Where and when:

15-19 Bloomsbury Way

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