Advanced People Skills Diploma

iLead Stage I

At iDiscover 360, we use a unique framework about understanding human behaviour to help raise self-awareness. Our Advanced People Skills Diploma takes your people skills to the next level through training you to make the most of interpersonal interactions, in both professional and personal settings.

What Skills Will You Learn?

  • Comprehensive grasp of iDiscover methodologies and ability to use them autonomously for emotional management, interpersonal proficiency and clarity of direction
  • Ability to use advanced emotional intelligence and human behaviour models to understand and read people and assess situations clearly and effectively
  • Optimisation of candidate interviews for effective recruitment of talent
  • Fine-tuned discernment of role alignment within teams and effective placement of staff and appraisals
  • Effective Mentoring skills 
  • Solid and centered management of tense situations & conflicts in and out of the workplace, tools to diffusing emotional tension
  • Running effective team meetings and improving team dynamics

Who Is This For?

  • Entrepreneurs & Founders 
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Managers 
  • Chief People Officers 
  • Partners in Law, Consulting and Accounting Firms

Components of Diploma

  • iDiscover Self-Discovery Curriculum - 3 iDiscover Core Programmes
  • 1 Day Practical Workshops - 1 EQ Toolkit and 1 AQ Toolkit
  • 3 Day Advanced People Skills Training
  • Personal Assignments
  • Group Mentoring + Peer 2 Peer support

Hours Involved

  • 200 hours of Contact Tuition
  • 50 hours of assignments


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iDiscover 360

iDiscover 360 uses a unique set of methodologies to deliver cutting-edge personal and professional development programmes.

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