Blogpost: The 3 Challenges of Modern Living: Uncovering the Single Root Cause

by Gal Stiglitz

Time to read: 2 minutes

In today’s rapidly changing world, our everyday struggles often revolve around three key challenges: career fulfillment, relationships, and mental resilience. These issues, whether experienced individually or simultaneously, significantly impact our quality of life. From feeling disconnected in a highly connected world to managing stress and expectations, understanding these challenges can help us navigate modern living more effectively.

The root cause of these challenges often lies in a lack of self-awareness. Without a deep understanding of ourselves, our motivations, and our emotional responses, it becomes difficult to achieve true career satisfaction, build meaningful relationships, or maintain mental resilience. At iDiscover, we emphasize the importance of cultivating self-awareness as a foundation for overcoming these obstacles and achieving personal and professional fulfillment. For a more detailed exploration of these insights, read our founder Gal’s latest article on Medium here.