Welcome to iDiscover 360 – Step into a world where ancient wisdom meets contemporary living.

Learn how our programmes, coaching, and consultation empower individuals towards greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.

Who are we?

iDiscover 360 is a school of thought for human development and life design in the modern era. It explores meaning, purpose and fulfillment in a practical manner. It provides training, coaching and mentoring using an intelligent and empowering framework for increasing self awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership development.

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What do we do

We design and lead cutting-edge educational frameworks and learning experiences that enable people and leaders to powerfully face human factor related challenges, and navigate their personal-professional life to fulfillment.

We offer our educational framework in three types of service: curriculum of programmes and learning experiences, one on one or group coaching, and tailor-made consultancy solutions. Our flagship programme is iDiscover Core.

Our Philosophy & Vision

Our boutique and distinguished approach is grounded, practical, holistic and results-oriented. The framework is based on a universal philosophical‑psychological model for a deep understanding of the human condition that integrates western and eastern philosophical principles.

The model, framework and curriculum were created by our founder Gal Stiglitz and designed in order to raise self-awareness and equip people with essential tools to face powerfully and effectively the challenges of modern living. It is also shown to be effective in increasing independent critical thinking, emotional intelligence (EQ), mental resilience (AQ) and in developing leadership.

We engage as educators and teachers and always bring the theory behind the practice so our clients and students can become self-sufficient in using it in their daily lives without being dependent on us. The framework has proven to bring a long lasting upgrade to the lives of hundreds of people.

Core, our flagship programme

iDiscover Core is the flagship programme of iDiscover 360. It is an accelerator for personal development that equips people with tools to face personal-professional challenges powerfully and introduces an intelligent framework for building self-awareness, purpose, and fulfilment in a practical manner.

Read more about our Core Programmes here.

Have more questions?

We applaud inquisitive minds and know you may have more questions. Download our Core Programme brochure or send an e-mail to [email protected]