Blogpost: The 7 Causes of Burnout: How to Navigate Through Them

by Gal Stiglitz

Time to read: 2 minutes

Burnout is becoming a widespread issue, with a significant portion of the workforce experiencing symptoms. According to a 2022 survey by McKinsey Health, one-quarter of employees reported burnout symptoms. Deloitte’s Women at Work 2022 report found that 53% of women surveyed felt burned out. These alarming statistics highlight the need to understand and address the root causes of burnout.

Burnout manifests as physical and emotional exhaustion due to prolonged stress. It often results from misalignment between one’s job and personal values, unrealistic expectations, lack of recognition, and a toxic work environment. Identifying these causes can help individuals create a strategy to realign their work and personal lives, fostering a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. For a deeper exploration of these insights, read Gal’s latest Medium article here.