Interview with: Discovia Artist Unders

Time to read: 7 minutes

Today we introduce you to Unders, a sound alchemist of magical frequencies, in service for decades as a passionate ambassador of the global dance community. His biggest mission in the music industry: to promote raw talents and to create a container that inspires the artists’ creativity to blossom with awareness and authenticity, committed to translating love and togetherness into musical bliss.

Unders has been a passionate ambassador of the global dance community for decades and has brought tunes like ‘Syria’ onto the electronic world’s global stage. He has been invited to play in clubs, festival stages, and residencies, like Robot Heart & Mayan Warrior at Burning Man, Fusion Festival in Germany, Awakenings in Amsterdam, Woomoon in Ibiza, and Akasha & Katerblau to name but a few. He also co-creates, plays and produces with names such as Acid Pauli, Satori, Mira, Boy George, Trentemoller, Booka Shade, Ame, Audiofly, Be Svendsen, Patrice Baumel, Guy Mantzur, Nick Warren, Sasha, and Henrik Schwarz among others. Unders is also a co-founder of Happy Camper Records with which he reclaims freedom and makes a contribution of consciousness to the music community.

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Describe what you do in your own words? What is unique about the way you do it that makes you stand out?

I am Unders, an alchemist of notes charged with intentionality to spread joy, raise the collective vibration, and connect to something that cannot be seen or touched but can be felt. I am always on a quest for new horizons, cultures, faces, and places on all continents, a path that requires profound passion and dedication, embracing change and impermanence. Yet, the rewards are the strength of community, the gift of co-creation, and the power of transcendence we can create through music. It is then, where the thousands of heartbeats I play for, mix into a symphony.

No matter where I’m standing in the world, it is the moment my fingers are spinning the decks and I am eye gazing at an ocean of humans that I feel: HOME. It is this collective vibration that inspires the diversity and depth of the music I offer. Allow me to speak to your heart in a wordless language: through my music.

What inspired you to go and do it? How did it all start?

I started collecting records when I was 11 years old. With small birthday and school parties that shortly followed, before I knew it, my dad and I had collected enough gear to have a small drive-in show where people would come play music, dance, and be united.

“Music unveiled my perception, it catalyzed me into an awakening.”


Describe a moment of huge inspiring breakthrough in your personal-professional evolution.

I have various ones, but the moment my record SYRIA was released onto the global stage, the doors opened worldwide and my life changed drastically. From spending day after day in the studio I began traveling to several new countries every week. Specific relationships & breakups that happened over time also formed some personal breakthroughs in my personal evolution.

What is your current Mount Everest? What are you in the process of creating in the world? Your ultimate vision and dream?

My latest project, called “The Happy Camper Tour” – working title “Driving Change”. In short, The ‘Driving Change / Happy Camper Tour’ project is a convoy of electric vehicles that aims to inspire sustainable & healthy living for the team of artists, free thinkers, thought leaders, and culture shifters on board, giving them the time, resources and mental well- being to co-create and cross-pollinate at their highest frequency. A moving home to produce, collaborate and stay grounded while being on the road, in search of the blueprint for this planets pressing social, climate, and community challenges.

What do iDiscover and its community mean to you?

iDiscover for me means becoming much more aware of my time and energy investment, realising how much time I dedicate to what I ought and should, as opposed to what I love or desire to be doing. It also changed my perception of how much value lies in the challenges of my life. The iD journey has made me understand how much more room there is in everyone to grow and learn and this has been inspiring to say the least.

Discovia ’22 will be my first time playing for the iD community and I am very excited to get together with everyone! I cherish those who put self-care, growth, and helping others at the forefront and iDiscover stands for it.

What is your daily/weekly/monthly ritual or performance hack that really works for you?

What I have been using recently is which has been giving me more clarity, overview, and support in keeping my focus somewhat aligned.

Best travel tip or secret location to share with us?

The best tip/location I can share is without a doubt, the BURNING MAN!

What is your favourite quote or a question you want to leave us with?

I do not have an all-time favorite quote, perhaps a short list of songs would provide a number of good ones? ;-)

I also do highly advise the books from Yung Pueblo or the teachings of Mooji for exploration, guidance, and inspiration.

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