Interview with: Contemporary Artist Silvia Sarsano

Time to read: 6 minutes

Today we introduce you to artist, discoverer and storyteller Silvia Sarsano. In 2005 Silvia graduated magna cum laude at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with a Thesis about Videoclips as a form of contemporary art. In 2006 she started studying as Contemporary Art Curator at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome where she graduated in 2010 with a Thesis on Janet Cardiff. In 2007 she moved to Berlin, where she is still living and working.

She takes part in several collective and solo exhibitions, projects and art competitions in Italy, Germany UK and Tunis and recently opened a solo exhibition at the renowned Auguststrasse in Berlin.

Portrait of Silvia

What is unique about what you do? What makes you stand out?

I think I am gifted in my ability to read people through all their facets and am able to convey them in my work as a painter. Added to this is my innate curiosity to find out more about people and places and wanting to understand them on a deeper level.

What inspired you to go into the art industry?

I started drawing and making portraits since I was very little. When I was about 8 years old I also started to be interested in archaeology and art. At 10, I begged my mum to send me with my sister to her high school day-trip to see a Caravaggio exhibition. I still wonder how I knew who Caravaggio was at that age. So to be honest, I think the love for art and the need to do it has always been in me. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work or the biggest challenge you have dealt with and how did you overcome it?

The art system is a pretty closed circle and it’s not easy to ‘get in’. Just talent is sometimes not enough. There is a whole world of networking, contacts and events and even though I am a very sociable person,  I am also very shy when it comes to my work. I haven’t been very good at marketing myself, because I believe that the work should speak for itself, but I am now coming clear with the fact that in order for my art to speak for itself, it must also be seen, so I am trying to step out of my comfort zone more and show myself in the art industry.

Silvia believes her art should speak for itself

What is your Mount Everest? What would you love to create in the world?

My mount Everest is to be able to live fully from my art. I would love to create a world where through my paintings I can sensibilize people about the idiosyncrasy of the female reality, twisted between idealization and unequal reality.

Beautiful! A few years ago you attended iDiscover Core. What is the most inspiring thing that happened to you as a result of iDiscover?

After attending the Core Programme I finally stopped doubting myself as an artist. I personally don’t really believe in “manifesting”, rather in “chance” and “luck”, but for sure I started putting myself out there more, and in doing so, eventually, I was “discovered” by an art agency called Artyque who are taking care of me right now. Recently I also opened my solo exhibition in Auguststrasse, Berlin (one of the art scene hotspots in the city). This really is a dream come true. Most importantly, my approach to creativity became much lighter, I stopped “suffering” doing art and started enjoying it, even in the crisis moments. This is for me the most important part.

Silvia at her solo art exhibition at the renowned Auguststrasse in Berlin

What do iDiscover and its community mean to you?

It is a network I can always count on, and knowing that is enough to put me back on track whenever I feel a little wobbly.

What is your most sacred daily/weekly/monthly ritual or performance hack that really works for you? 

I am not really the person to follow a schedule, but I try to take care of myself by allowing myself some body-related favours like getting a massage, and I dry brush my skin every day.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate and tv series

What is your favourite quote or the question you want to leave us with?

I have two: one is “on the highest throne of the world, you are still sitting on your arse” by Montaigne (to remind myself to stay humble and not to take myself seriously) and the other is Gal´s “Do your best and trust the Universe to do the rest” – I am not sure about the Universe but for sure I believe in the Do your Best part.

Haha, I never heard the Montaigne quote before! So funny and true! Thank you for the interview, Silvia. We wish you all the best in continuing to make the world a more beautiful place with your art.