We are the frontier of personal development.

We offer a unique curriculum of programs that lead to self‑discovery and self‑mastery.

We help individuals, teams and organisations make the most of their personal and professional potential.

Our flagship program, iDiscover Core has helped hundreds of people take their lives to the next level.

It is a structured and adventurous process of self-discovery that leads to fulfilment and self-mastery.

Our boutique approach is based on a distinguished philosophical-psychological model that integrates western and eastern philosophies. Our methodologies help to increase emotional intelligence and self-awareness in a practical way. The programs are results driven, incredibly effective and are proven to bring long lasting shifts in the following areas:

Career Fulfillment & Performance

Reconnect with and clarify your career direction, professional identity or a niche that fulfils and inspires you. Overcome internal conflicts and mental obstacles that are slowing you down or stopping you from moving to the next level. Develop a strategy to accelerate progress in your chosen career direction. Substantially improve your professional performance. Increase your self-awareness and creativity.

Relationships & Communication

Discover how to switch from consuming to fulfilling personal and professional relationships. Find out how to identify and move beyond what’s stopping you. Learn both the art and science of effective communication and how to deal powerfully and effectively with disagreements, disputes, competition, criticism and conflicts. Increase your emotional intelligence and intercultural competence.

Crisis Management & Adaptability

Learn how to implement advanced behavioural change tools and become assertive and effective when dealing with adversities, changes, losses and disappointments. Clear any emotional baggage, stress or anxiety that distracts you from being present and increase your performance, self-esteem and self-value. Develop your mental resilience and leadership skills.

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Our programs attract high achievers from all industries and walks of life. Our graduates become part of a vibrant global community of extraordinary talents that inspire and support one another.

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