We enable individuals, teams and organisations to optimise their personal and professional potential.

  •   IDISCOVER is the most advanced and transformative personal and professional development program I came across.
    I have explored various models including neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation and various methodologies of coaching, and I can sincerely say that nothing has had, on... read more

    thumb Ben Depraz

      iDiscover helped me understand and navigate tough times and helped me to become more self-aware, realize my potential, set goals and understand what drives myself and others. A highly intelligent and practical way to improve any aspect of your life... read more

    thumb Carrie Schmidt

      iDiscover? What is iDiscover? I don't even know where to start from!
    It is the most EXHILARATING, OVERWHELMING and AMAZING journey you can go through to understand yourself, gain tools to have a more meaningful relationship with yourself and others.... read more

    thumb Katya Berman

      I first attended iDiscover in June 2015 and I was so impressed with the quality, thoroughness and consistency of Gal's approach that I began training with him. As part of my training I have had the privilege of attending many... read more

    thumb Ilona Brennik

  •   iDiscover has undoubtably been the most influential learning in my life. The methodologies taught at iDiscover arm you to tackle life from the driving seat, with control and understanding. Taking the time to truly know your values and strengths... read more

    thumb Jade Gandey

      IDiscover is an excellent way to get out of my own way and realize what my priorities in life, business and relationships are. It helped me cut through the self limiting beliefs and get to a clear route to... read more

    thumb Shannon Shiang

      Great experience, provided me with the right framework to connect the dots and allowed me to focus on what's most important for my fulfilment.

    thumb Kais Laouiti

      iDISCOVER is Outstanding! One of, if not the best personal development programmes I've ever done. It empowered me, shifted my mind, heart and life in a way I didn't expect, with life results beyond measure. It gave me insight and... read more

    thumb Bruce Reynolds

  •   Unique workshop that allow to find your true self using pragmatic technics surrounded by amazing people
    Thank you Gal !

    thumb Michael Klug

      Are you lost with your career? Do you have issues with your spouse? Are you concerned because you can't keep a boyfriend? Is everything great in your life? Then this is the place for you. Some of us get caught... read more

    thumb ClaudIa Cristina

      I have nothing but great things to say about Gal and his team. I've done iDiscover three times now, each time learning something new and ultimately altering the way I look at the world. The intense course pushes you to... read more

    thumb Alex Mandel-Dallal

      When I think of Idiscover, I think of Gal, whose passion is simply contagious. Gal made it his mission to help me discover what is truly holding me back from where I want to be in my career and to... read more

    thumb Rebecca Wield

  •   Emotional intelligence meets emotional openness & exploration is how I would define my iDiscover experience. I absolutely loved the content, Gal's interactive and innovative approach and getting to meet amazing people in the process. I also walked away... read more

    thumb Mindie Kaplan

      IDISCOVER is a an excellent way to give yourself a stopover on your own life, to reflect, analise, evaluate and realise things about yourself and your life. Moreover, you get to meet great people and work individually and collectively helping... read more

    thumb Alicia Bastos

      A mindblowing experience that I would recommend anyone. It gives you the right tools to work on any situation in life from a new, intence, perspective, adding an incredible amount of awarness in life.

    thumb Viola Kunst

      Gal stiglitz has an incredible skill of seeing people as they are and facilitating their way to the next level of themselves.

    thumb Narkis Alon

  •   I first attended iDiscover back in the spring of 2015. At the time, I had accumulated many questions and doubts about what I was doing in life and how to look forward. I would have never thought that one weekend... read more

    thumb Marvin Amberg

      iDiscover has given me a deep and transformative tool for investigating myself and understanding others. The benefits are felt in both my personal and professional life.
    I've been able to see and let go of significant blocks, freeing me up to... read more

    thumb Dolly May

      iDiscover 360 is hands down the best life development course in existence today. The holistic approach enables you to take all areas of your life to the next level and beyond. The congruent model means that you can apply it... read more

    thumb Helen Gazzi

      Excellent experience. Gal's personal attention and care for our success throught the program was mind blowing, he's truly gifted at what he does. I walked out with real, practical and useful understandings about human behavior in general, and mine in... read more

    thumb Michal Alter

  •   I had an amazing weekend during the iDiscover course. It is a great journey into self-discovery and it bring about awareness of you and everything around you. I couldn't recommended it more.

    thumb Mihai Catalin Ghiorghies

      I think I am the youngest member ever to attend a course at iDiscover! At 24 I came in the hope of finding a purpose and direction I could apply to a career. As a fresh graduate I had no... read more

    thumb Christopher Wilcox

      I had a great time during my iDiscover session even if it was sometimes difficult to share what was deep inside, it was a great challenge. Learned a lot about myself and learn about the others too. It was very... read more

    thumb Leila Ben Brahim

      I did iDiscover last year and the positive changes in my life have been sequential and consistent. Gal helped me get clear on goals and aspirations, and motivated me to action them into being. He really pushes the envelope on... read more

    thumb Sarah Coursey

  •   this was life changing for me - it allowed me to put a particular part of my life into perspective - as clear as day - and change an outcome that no amount of money could have fixed - it... read more

    thumb Nicole Yershon

      Great workshop for those who always looking to evolve. IDiscover provides great tools that helps navigate professional and personal situations in life. I highly recommend!

    thumb Ayelet Vardi

      Somehow this course found me at the perfect time. It helped me find my core essence and gave me the confidence to follow my path. It gave me some new tools that have become a daily practice. Gal is a... read more

    thumb John Dill

      Many of us live our lives without getting to understand why we are the way we are and how we ended up in the position where we are today. Idiscover is a wonderful journey that guides you to join all... read more

    thumb Angelica Vidarte

  •   Great class taught by a very passionate instructor. If you are looking to understand your and other motivations better and develop tools to help you realize your goals, this is a good class. It's intense but I am... read more

    thumb Amanda Terry

      Idiscover is the teaching of a model with the power to transform what you make of your life if you allow it to do so. Extremely enriching and I can only be grateful for coming across it in my life !

    thumb Marta Caballero

      iDiscover is a deep personal growth journey within, it is exactly that, personal and profound. You will find parts of yourself that not only you were totally unaware of but that have the power to unleash vast amounts of energy... read more

    thumb Elena Corchero

Our flagship program, iDiscover Core enables people take their lives to the next level and beyond in just few days.

It is a structured and adventurous process of self-discovery that leads to a new sphere of fulfilment and self-mastery.

Our boutique approach is based on a distinguished philosophical-psychological model that integrates western and eastern philosophies. Our methodologies increase emotional intelligence and self-awareness in a practical way. Our programs are results driven, always effective and proven to bring long lasting shifts in mental resilience, relationships and career fulfilment.

Career Fulfillment & Performance

Reconnect with and clarify your career direction, professional identity or a niche that fulfils and inspires you. Overcome internal conflicts and mental obstacles that are slowing you down or stopping you from moving to the next level. Develop a strategy to accelerate progress in your chosen career direction. Substantially improve your professional performance. Increase your self-awareness and creativity.

Relationships & Communication

Discover how to switch from consuming to fulfilling personal and professional relationships. Find out how to identify and move beyond what’s stopping you. Learn both the art and science of effective communication and how to deal powerfully and effectively with disagreements, disputes, competition, criticism and conflicts. Increase your emotional intelligence and intercultural competence.

Mental Resilience & Adaptability

Learn how to implement advanced behavioural change tools and become assertive and effective when dealing with adversities, changes, losses and disappointments. Clear any emotional baggage, stress or anxiety that distracts you from being present and increase your performance, self-esteem and self-vworth. Develop your crisis management and leadership skills.

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