We enable individuals, teams and organisations to optimise their personal and professional potential.

Our boutique approach for teaching practical emotional intelligence, soft skills and life design is grounded and results oriented.

Our unique way of developing self-awareness enables us to teach, enhance and bring clarity to the following areas:


Career Fulfilment &
Peak Performance

Career Direction
Professional Fulfilment
Resources/Time Management


Fulfilling Relationships & Effective Communication

Stronger Relationships
Conflict Resolution
Intercultural Competence


Mental Resilience & Leadership Development

Crisis Management

Our curriculum is an epic journey of self discovery, life design and self mastery.
We teach the theory and practice of building self awareness, soft skills and leadership for the 21st century.


  • IDiscover is an excellent way to get out of my own way and realize what my priorities in life, business... read more

    Shannon Shiang Avatar Shannon Shiang

    When I think of Idiscover, I think of Gal, whose passion is simply contagious. Gal made it his mission to... read more

    Rebecca Wield Avatar Rebecca Wield

    iDiscover had a truly life-changing impact on me, and I don't use that phrase often. I came in with... read more

    Tom Williamson Avatar Tom Williamson

    iDiscover has given me a deep and transformative tool for investigating myself and understanding others. The benefits are felt in... read more

    Dolly May Avatar Dolly May
  • What a game changer. Absolutely life enhancing and enriching. The course that Gal created is the best gift you can... read more

    Ruben Lenten Avatar Ruben Lenten

    Fascinating experience of deep dive into my true essence!

    Netta Kerzner Avatar Netta Kerzner

    I found iDiscover to be an incredibly inspiring and enriching experience. It has challenged me to rethink my perspective on... read more

    Dana McKeon Avatar Dana McKeon

    Transformational & life affirming

    I've just completed iDiscover Core with 7 truly magical people. This is like no other PD course,... read more

    Shabira Papain Avatar Shabira Papain
  • iDiscover helped me understand and navigate tough times and helped me to become more self-aware, realize my potential, set goals... read more

    Carrie Schmidt Avatar Carrie Schmidt

    Great experience, provided me with the right framework to connect the dots and allowed me to focus on what's most... read more

    Kais Laouiti Avatar Kais Laouiti

    Great class taught by a very passionate instructor. If you are looking to understand your and other motivations better... read more

    Amanda Terry Avatar Amanda Terry

    Gal stiglitz has an incredible skill of seeing people as they are and facilitating their way to the next level... read more

    Narkis Alon Avatar Narkis Alon
  • iDiscover 360 is hands down the best life development course in existence today. The holistic approach enables you to take... read more

    Helen Gazzi Avatar Helen Gazzi

    Best transformative workshop I’ve ever done! After iDiscover my life changed completely. I finally began to manifest my dreams without... read more

    Cristina Sosa Avatar Cristina Sosa

    iDISCOVER is Outstanding! One of, if not the best personal development programmes I've ever done. It empowered me, shifted my... read more

    Bruce Reynolds Avatar Bruce Reynolds

    Idiscover is a MIND BLOWING 4 day course. It gave me a deep understanding of human behaviour. It also helps... read more

    Nikki Lenten Avatar Nikki Lenten
  • Idiscover is the teaching of a model with the power to transform what you make of your life if you... read more

    Marta Caballero Avatar Marta Caballero

    I first attended iDiscover in June 2015 and I was so impressed with the quality, thoroughness and consistency of Gal's... read more

    Ilona Brennik Avatar Ilona Brennik

    Like a smoothie of inspiration, clarity and purpose! Gal and his team create the perfect environment and mix of practical... read more

    Valentino Barrioseta Avatar Valentino Barrioseta

    Great workshop for those who always looking to evolve. IDiscover provides great tools that helps navigate professional and personal situations... read more

    Ayelet Vardi Avatar Ayelet Vardi
  • I think I am the youngest member ever to attend a course at iDiscover! At 24 I came in the... read more

    Christopher Wilcox Avatar Christopher Wilcox

    I first attended iDiscover back in the spring of 2015. At the time, I had accumulated many questions and doubts... read more

    Marvin Amberg Avatar Marvin Amberg

    Somehow this course found me at the perfect time. It helped me find my core essence and gave me the... read more

    John Dill Avatar John Dill

    this was life changing for me - it allowed me to put a particular part of my life into perspective... read more

    Nicole Yershon Avatar Nicole Yershon
  • Unique workshop that allow to find your true self using pragmatic technics surrounded by amazing people

    Thank you Gal !

    Michael Klug Avatar Michael Klug

    Gal is a true mentor , a visionary and a great teacher. I highly recommend joining Idiscover course to challenge... read more

    Yifat Fouchs Avatar Yifat Fouchs

    Amazingly profound experience with iDiscover - I actually feel like I've been living in the matrix and now I'm free :)

    Gemma Young Avatar Gemma Young

    Many of us live our lives without getting to understand why we are the way we are and how we... read more

    Angelica Vidarte Avatar Angelica Vidarte
  • iDiscover? What is iDiscover? I don't even know where to start from!

    It is the most EXHILARATING, OVERWHELMING and AMAZING... read more

    Katya Berman Avatar Katya Berman

    I had an amazing weekend during the iDiscover course. It is a great journey into self-discovery and it bring about... read more

    Mihai Catalin Ghiorghies Avatar Mihai Catalin Ghiorghies

    iDiscover has undoubtably been the most influential learning in my life. The methodologies taught at iDiscover arm you to tackle... read more

    Jade Gandey Avatar Jade Gandey

    I have nothing but great things to say about Gal and his team. I've done iDiscover three times now, each... read more

    Alex Mandel-Dallal Avatar Alex Mandel-Dallal
  • Are you lost with your career? Do you have issues with your spouse? Are you concerned because you can't keep... read more

    ClaudIa Cristina Avatar ClaudIa Cristina

    iDiscover is a deep personal growth journey within, it is exactly that, personal and profound. You will find parts of... read more

    Elena Corchero Avatar Elena Corchero

    I did iDiscover last year and the positive changes in my life have been sequential and consistent. Gal helped me... read more

    Sarah Coursey Avatar Sarah Coursey

    Life changing. Gal has developed an outstanding curriculum that in as little as four days takes you through an incredible... read more

    Vincent Daranyi Avatar Vincent Daranyi
  • I had a great time during my iDiscover session even if it was sometimes difficult to share what was deep... read more

    Leila Ben Brahim Avatar Leila Ben Brahim

    A mindblowing experience that I would recommend anyone. It gives you the right tools to work on any situation in... read more

    Viola Kunst Avatar Viola Kunst

    Emotional intelligence meets emotional openness & exploration is how I would define my iDiscover experience. I absolutely loved the... read more

    Mindie Kaplan Avatar Mindie Kaplan

    iDiscover is incredibly well thought out. I very much enjoyed the balance between theory (of humankind) and practice (theory applied... read more

    Charlotte Terrien Avatar Charlotte Terrien


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