iDiscover Core

The Ultimate Personal Development Accelerator Programme For Building Self Awareness & Leadership.

Are you ready to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world?

Join The Ultimate Personal Development Accelerator Programme For Building Self Awareness & Leadership.

iDiscover Core is the flagship programme of iDiscover 360. It is an accelerator for personal development that equips people with tools to face personal-professional challenges powerfully and introduces an intelligent framework for building self-awareness, purpose, and fulfilment in a practical manner.


What we promise

Through a highly personalised and cutting-edge process, iDiscover Core promises and delivers a tangible resolution and life upgrade on an area of your life that you choose to develop, overcome or breakthrough. Every participant goes through a unique and personal journey of self-discovery.

Whichever challenge a participant chooses to develop or resolve will fall into one of the following areas:

The three challenges of modern living

Every Core is designed to strengthen your mental Core in one of these 3 challenging aspects of modern life. To create a solid Core we offer the full self discovery curriculum that includes Core I, Core II and Core III.

Grow my business

Career direction, development and peak performance

  • Reconnect with and/or clarify your career direction, professional identity or niche that fulfils and inspires you.
  • Overcome internal conflicts and mental obstacles that are slowing or stopping you from moving to the next level.
  • Develop a strategy and plan to accelerate progress in your chosen career direction.
  • Substantially improve your professional performance.
41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Fulfilling Relationships

Relationships and effective communication

  • Discover how to switch from consuming to fulfilling personal and professional relationships.
  • Find out how to identify and move beyond what’s stopping you.
  • Understand both the art and science of effective communication.
  • Learn how to deal powerfully and effectively with disagreements, disputes, competition, criticism and conflicts.
41_iDiscover Icons_On Light_Mental Reslilience

Mental resilience, adaptability and leadership development

  • Learn how to implement advanced behavioural change tools
  • Become assertive and effective when dealing with adversities, changes, losses and disappointments.
  • Clear emotional baggage, stress or anxiety that distracts you from being present.
  • Increase your performance, self-esteem, self-value and confidence in vital decision making.

Peak Performance

Relationship dynamics

Career Fulfillment

Mental Resilience


Career Direction

Effective Communication

Intercultural Competence


Time management

Conflict Resolution

Crisis Management

Self Awareness

Self Mastering




Company Culture

Long Term Vision

Decision Making

Growth Mindset


Stress Management

Peak Performance

Relationship dynamics

Career Fulfillment

Mental Resilience


Career Direction

Effective Communication

Intercultural Competence


Time management

Conflict Resolution

Crisis Management

Self Awareness

Self Mastering




Company Culture

Long Term Vision

Decision Making

Growth Mindset


Stress Management

The Three Formats

iDiscover Core contains 50+ hours of tuition, and is delivered to groups of up to 12 people in three formats - City, Residential and Experience.

For Residential and Experience, the content is interspersed with events and group activities, and hosted in beautiful, private locations.

Core City – 4 days

  • Hosted in private spaces in major cities worldwide
  • Some meals included
  • Accomodation not offered

Core Residential - 5 days
(Wed – Mon)

  • Hosted in private resorts worldwide
  • All inclusive (meals and accommodation)
  • Activities

Core Experience - 7 days
(Mon – Sun)

  • Hosted in private resorts worldwide
  • All inclusive (meals and accommodation)
  • Excursions and activities
  • Well-being sessions

What makes iDiscover Core a powerful experience?


Tangible, personalized deep lasting impact

Results oriented, tailor made for each person, with Instant and long lasting impact.


Equipping you with practical tools

Guidance on how to use the tools and become self sufficient going forward.


Comprehensive theory rooted in philosophy

Based on a solid foundation of philosophical principles that is consistent throughout.


A balanced mix of theory & practice

Theory & practice in equal measure (50%-50%) that ensure optimal tangible growth.


Thought provoking content

You are encouraged to think independently and practice critical thinking.


Open communication

Direct, open and personal contact with leaders throughout the programme that inviting questions.


Exceptional personal care

A huge amount of personal attention and care with deep listening during the programme.


Excellent post care

An exceptional post care programme with direct team support and personal engagement.


Surrounded by ambitious individuals

The programme attracts ambitious, individuals with highly inquisitive minds ensuring a deep level of conversation.


Becoming part of an inspiring community

Access to a global, active community of inspiring, ambitious high-achievers with stimulated opportunities for collaborations.

Core Alumni: Diverse, Dynamic, Driven Professionals From Around The World


Our Core Programme is for anyone who is serious about identifying and realizing their full personal and professional potential and for those not willing to compromise on the quality of their lives. People engage with iDiscover for different reasons and are mostly working professionals aged 25‑55. Among other professions, participants have included entrepreneurs, founders, CEO’s, lawyers, scientists, athletes, artists, graduates of ivy league universities, healthcare professionals, musicians, investment bankers and hedge fund managers.

Business solutions clients include: Search firms, law firms, VC’s, Tech firms, art galleries and art agencies that are interested to support the development of their talents, instil leadership and upgrade their team dynamics and culture.


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    - I liked the intensity
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Upcoming Events


iDiscover Core City London

7-10 March 2024 - Waitlist
20-23 June 2024 - Last Seats
1-4 August 2024 - Open


iDiscover Core Residential Antalya

10-15 April 2024 - Open


iDiscover Core Dubai

22-26 January 2025 - Open


iDiscover Core Voyage Tulum

TBA 2025

Advanced Core Programmes

Achieve mastery in your personal growth journey with our Advanced Core Programmes, a comprehensive series designed to refine and elevate your path.

Core II & III

Each Core programme, including Core II and III, offers an opportunity to upgrade and acquire tools tailored to one of the three major challenges of modern living. Dive deeper into strengthening your mental and psychological Core. You can choose to do these advanced programmes months or even years apart. While Core I, II, and III form the foundation of our Self Discovery curriculum, some enthusiasts opt for Core VI and beyond.

Core X

Anticipate the launch of Core X in 2025 or 2026. This program is exclusively crafted for individuals who have completed Core II. It represents a pinnacle in our developmental journey, promising an advanced exploration into self-discovery and personal growth.

Are you ready to take the next step in your evolution? Embrace the Advanced Core Programmes and chart a course to a more profound and enriched version of yourself.

Have more questions?

We applaud inquisitive minds and know you may have more questions. Download our Core Programme brochure or send an e-mail to [email protected]