Interview with: Discovia Artist Theo Bard

Time to read: 7 minutes

Today we introduce you to Theo Bard, the inimitable singer, songwriter, and live music obsessive.

Describe what you do in your own words? What is unique about the way you do it that makes you stand out?

I am a songwriter, performer, and social connector with the ability to tell stories and create a unique atmosphere through music. I love to share and to show off, and I also get a huge buzz out of bringing people together to enjoy live music, which is how my live events company Woodburner began.

What inspired you to go and do it? How did it all start?

I learned music from a young age, playing violin and singing folk songs around campfires, but when I was at university studying Philosophy, I met a group of people who changed my life forever. We shared so much through playing music together, and I got addicted to the thrill of creating, performing, and joining together with others to make music. Since then, it’s been music all the way.

Describe a moment of huge inspiring breakthrough in your personal-professional evolution.

One of my songs ‘The Gift’ is featuring on a major label artist’s album this year – that feels like a big breakthrough as millions of people will hear it. I wrote the song for my sister and her family, and it’s a celebration of the tightness and interdependence between small children and their parents. I like the fact that so many people will feel the spirit of my family without knowing it.

Live at Evolution Arts Hackney

What is your current Mount Everest? What are you in the process of creating in the world? Your ultimate vision and dream?

My ultimate vision and dream is to write iconic songs which capture the hearts of a generation – imagine ‘Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong, the songs of Leonard Cohen, or even Billie Eilish. I would love to perform on a huge stage to thousands of people – the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury has always felt like the apex of musical achievement for me.

What is the most inspiring thing that happened to you as a result of iDiscover?

After attending an iD Core programme I began performing at iDiscover events. People are so hyped up and connected at those events and that’s an amazing moment for them to experience my music. The inaugural Discovia festival in May will be my next one and I can’t wait to perform at it!

What do iDiscover and its community mean to you?

Most importantly, it means sharing in a circle, and feeling safe to open up to the people around you, while giving them the space and attention to do the same. I think this breeds very close friendships and enables people to express themselves much more clearly. Everything else flows from that, as by talking you can break new ground and discover things about yourself, as well as identifying what you want to change or develop further.

What is your daily/weekly/monthly ritual or performance hack that really works for you?

Since going on iDiscover, I have started renting a music studio near my house, and I honestly never want to work from home again! I think having a different space for different activities makes a massive difference to my quality of life, and enables me to focus more clearly on what I’m trying to achieve. Exercise has always been very important to me too.

Best travel tip or secret location to share with us?

The west coast of Scotland is insanely beautiful!

What is your favourite quote or a question you want to leave us with?

I actually have two favourite quotes:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anaïs Nin

“Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world.” Eckhart Tolle

I especially love the Eckhart Tolle quote because it forces you to reconsider your relationship to the world as the primary agent in your life, rather than as a passive receiver. It forces you to question whether you have really done all you can to be where you want to be.

Check out Theo’s ingenious music.