Interview with: Creative Strategist | Eco Entrepreneur, Alexa Gantous

Time to read: 7 minutes

Today we introduce to you Connector, Creative, and Harmonizer, Alexa Gantous.

How do you describe what you do? What is unique about what you do? What makes you stand out?

​​I am a creative strategist focused on amplifying ecological consciousness and building community around it.

I believe that the environmental crisis is about much more than simply reducing our carbon emissions. It is a mirror that is asking us to take a deeper look at ourselves— and the ways of doing, thinking, and being that got us here in the first place. When we radically re-frame this challenge into an opportunity, we realize that the path forward is actually all about participating in a more inspiring version of ourselves and the world. It becomes exciting instead of daunting, and all about creativity, innovation, and possibility, rather than sacrifice or destruction. And that is what my work with trashtalk*studio and LitterRally is all about.

What inspired you to go and do it?

It feels beyond me. The closest description I can offer is how Elizabeth Gilbert describes the concept of a collective consciousness of ideas that come to us and ask us to collaborate. So much of what I do very much feels like a collaboration with something bigger than myself. When an idea comes to me and I accept the responsibility of bringing it to the material world, my work becomes simply to get my preferences out of the way and act as a steward. Furthermore, the reality is that the environmental crisis is already here, and taking action in whichever way we can, is no longer an option.

trashtalk and LitteRally on the streets of NY

What is the most challenging aspect of your work or the biggest challenge you have dealt with and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging aspect of my work so far has been overcoming the fear of using my voice and being seen in the fullness of my expression. It has been such a vulnerable process to continuously put myself out there as someone who is not usually comfortable attracting attention. More than having overcome it, I would say that I have learned to dance with fear rather than hide from it. The practice of welcoming in uncomfortable emotions and getting curious about them has been life-changing for both my work and life. In the end, it is all just a dance of remembering that it is not about me, and my work is rather to keep getting out of the way of what wants to be created through me.

On trash-picking trips

What is your current Mount Everest? What would you love to create in the world?

Currently, I am in the process of up-leveling/scaling my work. I am focused on building a curated community membership for trashtalk*studio that is all about creating supportive structures and knowledge-sharing for other people leading innovative approaches to create a more environmentally conscious world. I very much believe that community and collaboration are key, and as a connector, I know that my role in this movement is bringing people together.

What are the words that describe who you are in your essence and do you feel they are being expressed through your work?

Connector, creative, and harmonizer. They are all expressed in my work through the approach that I take to environmentalism being all about community and creation.

What is the most inspiring thing that happened to you as a result of iDiscover?

Having my own back, unconditionally. iDiscover opened my eyes to how often I made other people’s behavior mean something about me, and how good enough or not I was. Freeing myself from this belief created so much more spaciousness in my inner world, and gave me the energy to invest my life force on much more interesting things. It has been an essential step in reclaiming my sense of self-worth from something that was externally focused to internally cultivated.

Environmentalism as Self Love

What do iDiscover and its community mean to you?

The beauty of human potential.

What is your most sacred daily/weekly/monthly ritual or performance hack that really works for you?

Solo dancing! I play music at any point throughout the day and have a dance party with myself. The organic movement connects me to my body and helps me move any tension or emotions that have become stagnated. It feels so good on so many levels.

Your best adventure ever was? Or Most beautiful place you have ever been to?

Going on a solo journey to the Peruvian Amazon. Absolutely life-changing.

What is your favourite quote or a question you want to leave us with?

This too shall pass. This is important because it also highlights the fact that beyond sustainability, what we are talking about is a cultural (r)evolution that impacts every aspect of our lives and how we understand the world around us. For me, environmentalism is about realizing that the way we live is not the only way to live. And most importantly, it is about waking up to our inherent power to create new stories, systems, and structures that support a more enlightened relationship with the earth and every human, and non-human, being on this planet.